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Hello out there

So, of all of us 3 members of this here forum:

Are any of you as tired as I am of reading these yawner articles from the New Yorker in the past couple of weeks? The ones that come to mind are:

1. That crazy-long article a few issues ago about cargo shipping on the Illinois River - jesus!
2. In the current issue - both the Red Sox article and the article about muslim school girl veils in France - christ!
3. The previous issue - the article about The Monde, the french newspaper - ahh!

I usually can get into an article of theirs about anything, but I find myself recently just skipping over these because I can't get into them.
Is it just me? Are their usual writers on vacation? Are they running out of interesting things to write about?

I've had many good article ideas in mind - maybe I should write them down and post them here to see if anyone thinks they're good enough to suggest to the New Yorker....

Replies more than welcome!
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